The Civil Rights Movement : Martin Luther King Jr.

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The Civil Rights Movement was a crucially essential and impactful part of American history. Since the beginning of the first colonies, racism, segregation, and mistreatment has been present in our country. First coming to the new lands through the Triangular Trade, African Americans have suffered of a lack of humane rights. As they stood up for themselves, and other non-African American supporters with them, they lead to the unraveling of one of the longest successful trials that have been fought for in history giving hope to other minorities in the country.
Martin Luther King Jr. was one of the most famous civil rights activists that ever lived. In 1963, King delivered a letter he wrote in Birmingham City Jail due to nonviolent resistance participation which was unapproved by a group of white clergymen. In this letter, King addresses these clergymen’s critics about the demonstrations being "unwise and untimely", and saying that the participants of such were "outsiders coming in". King points out how whites are disturbed by the demonstrations, yet the reason these demonstrations have arisen don’t seem to concern them. They may ask why "direct-action" must be used, or why do "marches and sit-ins", or why not make a negotiation instead? They are most certainly correct in a "call for negotiation". That is why nonviolent direct-action was used by civil rights activists. Direct action will make the issue so noticeable it won’t be able to be ignored.
They may say the actions…
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