The Civil Rights Movement : Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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A civil rights leader by the name of Reverend (PBS, 2016) Martin Luther King Jr. changed the world he occupied and changed the future course of the United States of America by advocating for desegregation. Martin Luther King Junior was on a mission to end the segregation of the African American community. Segregation was the post result of slavery throughout the United States of America which enslaved Africans. He challenged the status quo of the time. Protesting peacefully and advocating for social change is what he proposed. The United States and the south in particular had feelings of prejudice, racism and hatred towards people of color that resulted in the Jim Crow Laws (PBS, 2016). Martin Luther King Jr. gave the “I have a dream” speech and explained how he saw the world through the eyes of an African American in 1963 that still echoes through the modern era. He was trying to persuade us to believe that a change of oppression towards blacks is achievable through nonviolence. A gunshot will challenge the peaceful speech for many followers. (Kagan, 1996)This rhetorical analysis will be covering the Kairos of Martin Luther King’s speech. Thesis: Despite Martin Luther King Jr.’s risk to life and arrests, he was willing to state “I have a Dream”, for all to hear because his main purpose was to create a peaceful unity between black and white Americans. The south would continue to subjective African Americans in the United States by enacting the “separate but equal” status
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