The Civil Rights Movement : Mary Dudziak

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Mary Dudziak, author of Cold Rights Civil War, showed how the civil rights movement effected American foreign affairs on an international level. She argued that the international ridicule helped the United States and the Civil Rights movements achieve what it did. She helps explain just how important the Cold War was to the Civil Rights movement and how the Civil Rights movement helped, America refreshes its image in the eyes for the world. However, not just lead and paly a major part in the Civil Rights movement but also reform America. She also argues that the Cold War and anti-American propaganda push America to up-hold civil rights and equality because of all the backlash and animosity from other countries. There are many things I like about this book for example the way she showed the views of America from other countries and the way she talked about democracy. However, one thing I did not like about the book was that she really did not go into much detail about Brown vs. The Board of Education and The Civil Rights act.
At the time, America did not have the image that it wanted on the international level and the country’s racial problems were not helping, especially in the African and Asian nations. All the racial issues that were happening in the United States, including lynching, protests, violence, segregation, and inequality, were being publicized overseas and causing an almost global outrage. Overall, this kept weakening America’s image, which they were
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