The Civil Rights Movement Of America

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People making their way down city streets; Police Officers unlawfully beating and arresting young African Americans for expressing their pain; crying for not only their liberty, but the liberty of those who came before them. These can all be used to describe the Civil Rights movement; a movement that left not only many casualties, but many unanswered questions in regards to freedom in America; a question that still to this day, we are trying to answer and give context to. In the point of view of many immigrants and minorities, America is considered land of greatness and triumph; where opportunities and success are guaranteed, and where one is free of injustices and oppression; or at least that is the belief stripped into our glorious red, blue, and white flag. Though there is greatness to this land, the greatness and opportunities comes in two separate and divided segments. First, there is greatness for the white individual, a type of greatness not granted because of who you are, your beliefs, morals, or ideals, but because of the skin tone you possess. After selectively awarding the white individual with the best possible sociological opportunities, whatever is left is given to the others. Perhaps your wondering why I refer to the remaining population as “others”. Though the term “others” can imply or give a derogative image, through the course of my analysis I intend to show you why to me, those who are not white are simply others. The first important point, one which I
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