The Civil Rights Movement Of James Farmer Essay

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"Freedom and equality are inherent rights in the United States: therefore, I encourage young people to take on the task by standing up and speaking out on behalf of people denied those rights. We have not yet finished the job of making our country whole”
- James Farmer, 19

James Farmer was one of the “Big Four” of the civil rights movement era of the nineteen hundreds, he called for racial harmony through non-violence. James Farmer helped shape civil rights movements with his use of non-violent protest and activism. This non-violence led to popular support for the civil rights and voting rights acts that would be passed in 1964. James Farmer’s stand for racial harmony and nonviolence, led to freedom rides, sit-ins, and the founding of CORE (Congress of Racial Equality). He used many different mediums for his (stand taking) throughout his (career), of which include: Congress of Racial Equality, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), and other labor and civil rights groups.
In the early 20th century it was commonplace for African-Americans to be segregated from (Whites) in the United States of America. Separate seats in buses, different waiting rooms in doctors’ offices, separate entrances, and it was even illegal in Missouri for people to make “arguments or suggestions in favor of social equalities or of interracial between whites and Negroes”. The legal system and groups of terrorists, such as the Ku Klux Klan supported segregation. For
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