The Civil Rights Movement Of The United States

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The civil rights movement in the USA in the 1950’s and 1960’s.can be termed as a democratic movement. The basic reason behind this was the discrimination of the African-Americans that were enslaved and did not have citizen rights. The African-Americans protested greatly against their injustice. The birth of the civil rights movement was before the 1954 Supreme Court’s decision on Brown versus Board of Education (Topeka) which stated that separate but equal schools was against the Constitution. From the discrimination that started 400 years ago, African Americans failed to contribute in every function of political, economic and social life in the United States and this provided them an urge to have equal citizen rights. (Welcome to the Civil Rights Digital Library, n.d.)
From petitions to pickets, protests and to boycotts and lawsuits, these were the forms of struggles that the people before 1954 engaged in. many of the activities gained huge success and produced results in the twentieth century. Faith was the sole inspiration that kept the African Americans to keep fighting for their education, employment and other facilities that were restricted to them because of racial discrimination. The history of African Americans in the United States is full of tragedy and violence but also shows the power of hope and determination. The journey against such racial discrimination needs to be remembered and told so that one remembers the story of courage, strength and hope. In addition,
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