The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Johnson: Savior of the Civil Rights Movement?

The Civil Rights Movement and President Johnson are closely linked in history. Though there were many other faces to the Civil Rights Movement, Johnson’s was one of the most publicly viewed and instrumental in its passing. It was Johnson who carried the weight and responsibilities of the issue after the assassination of JFK, and it was he who would sign it. Lyndon B Johnson was the most influential forces in establishing the movement that would ensure civil rights for black americans. Johnson was a constant and unwavering supporter of civil rights. Without his supreme efforts in establishing civil rights for all, equality would never have come to pass.
Lyndon B Johnson was elected president on November 22, 1963 directly after the assassination of John F Kennedy, “the elevation of Lyndon B Johnson to the office of the president of the United States was impressively smooth”(Robert E. Gilbert, 761). Prior to his election Johnson was worked closely with the US government as a member of Congress, the US Navy, and as a US Senator. From his first political position to his last Johnson had one goal, making America into a "Great Society". It was through this idealist philosophy of his that he became invested in the Civil Rights Movement. Lyndon B Johnson’s role in the Civil Rights Movement was key to its success; Johnson proved his devotion to the people and their rights when he said, "The Great Society rests on abundance and liberty…

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