The Civil Rights Movement : The Black Panther Party

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At a time of war and inequality, when Americans were divided through a different perspective, everyone had their own views on the war and inequality between races. Such events like the civil rights movement in full swing with leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., police using brutalization force against African Americans, and soldiers dying in the Vietnam War, were the major reasons behind the differences between the races. The Black Panther Party was a response to the injustice of equality against African Americans. It was formed in 1966 by two activists named Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, California. The party was first formed to protect the black community from police violence. While the Black Panther Party frightened people, the “Black Panther Party Platform, Program, and Rules” communicated their message well by expressing their beliefs, the rules required to be in the party, and how a member should act always. For the most part, the Black Panther Party displayed a message for equality and justice through a ten-point program. They wished to have freedom, full employment, and regular housing like the white people. America claimed they were a free country where people had the freedom to have the ultimate “American dream,” yet African Americans were deprived of that dream. The party wanted “power to determine the destiny of [our] black community” (Black Panther); however, this only applied to white American citizens. Why did this not apply to the other
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