The Civil Rights Movement, Woodstock, Vietnam War, And South Africa

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Who knew how powerful the 1960’s would be? You had the civil rights movement, Woodstock, Vietnam War, and an explosion in rock and roll, as well as soul? Exactly, and that’s just in America. In Africa, countries were gaining freedom and independence. By 1980 the British, French, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch were being conquered and most of Africa had claimed independence as countries, all the while apartheid was still going on. Even with the riots between warring states, weren’t enough to keep them. It actually caused them to lose more control. Countries demanded freedom and to end the apartheid across Africa. Nelson Mandela went to jail for his cause and was released in 1990, after twenty-seven years of imprisonment. Over seventy leaders were assassinated in order to keep control in Africa. I’m going to explain the problems they faced gaining independence in Nigeria and South Africa, as well as the political reforms going on as we speak since 1990. Nigeria was having an internal war that the Muslims started with the Ibos. It started when they gained independence in 1960. They adopted the feudal systems and had to share power with Lagos, and three state governments in the north, east, and west. In 1964, the Ibos seized power and declared a central dictatorship. The Muslims of the north didn’t like the Ibos because they weren’t Muslim. So they sparked a war in 1967. The Ibos, after a group of northern officers obtained the government positions, created their own

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