The Civil Rights Movement and African American Leaders

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African Americans were fighting for freedom for centuries. They were treated very badly and they had supposedly going to have a better way of life after WWII. Keep reading to find out how African Americans struggled for equality in voting and the opportunity for a good quality education.
First, African American leaders argued that everyone should be treated equally. They wanted black African American men to be able to vote just like the white American men did. The whites refused to allow the blacks to vote. They threatened and beat the blacks, the “Jim Crow” laws blocked them from doing anything and everything For example, bathrooms, trains, and in busses they were forced to sit in the back. African American activists held nonviolent protests to bring change. Some of the more popular activist leaders were Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks. Unlike Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, Malcolm X held violent protests. One of the more popular marches that took place during the voting rights act was the Selma to Montgomery. There were about 550 people marching. The march bought a lot of public support for the Civil Rights Movement. African Americans were given outrageous literacy tests. For example, the literacy test we were given in class was from the State of Louisiana. It stated that the test is to be given to anyone who cannot prove a fifth grade education. The test was given to every African American, even if they didn’t speak any english. This was just one
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