The Civil Rights Movement of the 50's and 60's

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While some members of the movement choose to fight inequality through violence, the outcome that brought the civil rights movement to equality was through nonviolence means. A Group such as the black Panthers was considered to be a U.S. black militant group that was formed originally to provide self-defense against the local police. The civil rights were not achieved by just one man or one group it was a total effort amongst hundreds and thousands of individual.
The leaders of the civil rights movement choose strategies of nonviolence as a tool to dismantle traditional racial segregation, discrimination, and inequality. Most followed Martin Luther King Jr. Guiding principles of nonviolence and passive resistance (cite). The leaders of the civil rights movement understood that segregation would go to any lengths to maintain the control and power over the blacks. Therefore they knew they had to show the rest of the people outside of the southern states of their struggle of violence that has been going on for decades. One civil right activist stated that they would hope and pray for the newspapers reporters to come and show the world that the primary reason blacks remained in such a subordinate position in the South was because of the widespread violence directed against them (cite).
While there were main individuals that took part in the civil rights movement, Martin…
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