The Civil Rights Of North Korea Don 't Have Any Rights Or Freedom

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Ryan Cortez
Professor Williams
English 104
May 13, 2015
The citizens of North Korea don’t have any rights or freedom. They can not elect a new person into power. They are stuck with the dictator that the currently have, Kim Jong-un. This monster will continue to murder staff and suppress his citizens until the day he dies. None of the North Korean citizens will never know what freedom is. In the United States we are born with rights and freedoms that many wish they had. These rights and freedom are always in jeopardy by people that want to take them away. Recently gay and lesbian groups are fighting for their rights as U.S. citizens. There rights are not just given to them, as it should be. They have to organize movements, demonstrations, and protest in order to get their voice heard. Martin Luther King Jr., Machiavelli, and Plato all believed this. They all believed in there civil rights and knew they were protected by the constitution. With out these men and there faith in the constitution many of our rights and freedoms wouldn’t exist. In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. read a speech titled “I Have a Dream” (King). These speech was delivered at the Lincoln Memorial, in Washington D.C.. King was fighting for equality for the black people. During that era blacks were treated very harshly. They were segregated from white people in every aspect of life (school, restaurants, bathrooms, and buses). White people were so ignorant that they believed that black people had
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