The Civil Rights Of Oklahoma Former Cop Daniel Holtzclaw

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Also in Oklahoma former cop Daniel Holtzclaw was charged with raping and sexually victimizing 8 women in a low-income neighborhood (Chicago Tribune Newspaper). He was also convicted of forcible oral sodomy, sexual battery and second degree rape. Now he is known as the serial rapist/cop. He was sentenced to 236 years in prison, including a 30-year sentence on each of four of the first degree charges he faced. It took a jury 45 hours over a period of 4 days to deliberate this case. He also was convicted harsher because he was, well supposed to be a well-known and respected police officer. When police are supposed to be the protector and heroes of the streets instead of being the suspect. This case gained worldwide attention…show more content…
He was also under investigation by the Oklahoma City six weeks before his final crime due to reports of sex crimes. So what that means is that he was targeting and attacking these women while he was under investigation. His convictions have relieved many people but raises many questions about police officers and their intentions. It also makes it seem like even cops are devaluing African-American lives, and that is sad to the black community. Police officers are acting like African American lives are useless and that’s the way we are being treated. And for a case like this to happen, is heartbreaking to black women, or women in general. It could have happened to any race, but women are always the main target. Support groups, women groups, etc. have all been the voice, but they are not being heard loud enough. Women face lots of problems, only to be treated as if they’re not needed on this world. Women go through pregnancies, miscarriages, rape, being degraded by men, etc. and the problem is still continuing with no solution, with no solutions in the future. Men are not the total blame but they contribute largely to the problem. Once the system gets tougher on the sentencing of the guilty under control and enforce the laws women will have a burden lifted off their shoulders. When the law strictly enforces acts against women, men will finally see that they can’t just go around raping women. No one knows what it’s like to be a
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