The Civil Rights Of The United States

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World War I took place in 1914 and affected every African American. Thousands of African Americans took part in World War I and were segregated. African Americans insisted on receiving their rights. In this essay, I will be analyzing all the main factors, and explaining why I think that the Supreme Court was responsible for the improving status of black people in the United States in the years 1945-1965. The Federal Government plays a role in improving the status of African Americans. Truman was the initial president since Abraham Lincoln to attend to the civil rights issue who affected African Americans. As a young man, Truman was a southern racist, who joined the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) in 1922. Conversely, Truman got over his prejudices when he was extremely moved by stories of black war soldiers who were the victims of racist attacks after fighting courageously in the Second World War. Truman became the first American President to openly challenge segregation, and the first to promise his support for civil rights. The Cold War had a major impact on Truman’s loyalty to civil rights. Truman had believed that America had an ethical duty to encourage freedom across the world. However, he accepted that America could not fight for freedom abroad while segregation oppressed African Americans in the South of America. Truman established "President’s Committee on Civil Rights" in 1946. Truman asked his committee to create a report which inspected the experience of racial
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