The Civil Rights Of The United States

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When the framers decided to create the Constitution, it was meant to be made for the people by the people. The difficult part about it was, as time went by, people were given more rights and were unjustly discriminated because of the past. This has happened in many cases throughout our countries history. Civil rights are a big part of our society and the past shows many ways that the civil rights of the citizens were taken from. In Unit 2 of the course, we learned three different ways the government can discriminate the people of the United States and the meticulous process it takes the government to discriminate. The different ways to discriminate are separated into three different classifications which are, Suspect classification, Quasi-Suspect classification, and Nonsuspect classification. Even though everyone has civil rights the government can sometimes discriminates to ensure the safety of the society. Which rarely happens. Discrimination is a big part of our government and well never be solved, but there are many reasons behind the most complicated subject in our society.
Starting off with the first discriminatory classification, The Suspect Classification, helps represents a large portion of our population. In this classification the people getting discriminated are based on race, national origin, religion, and alienage. With the race discriminatory factor, it is when “someone is treated unfavorably because he/she is of a certain race or because of personal…
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