The Civil Rigthts Movement, A List of Related Activities

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### An outline ???? ##### I. What are Civil Rights A. Civil rights issue 1. Group is denied access to facilities, opportunities, or services available to or groups, usually along ethnic or racial lones 2. Issue is wher differences on treatment are “reasonable” a) Some differences are: progressive taxes b) Some are not: classification by race subject to “strict scrutony” II. black predicament A. Historical context 1. Stark experience of discrimonation was long sta nding 2. Tension on both North & South 3. Lynchings shocked whites, but little was done 4. Little public support for racial equality, ontegration, civil rights movement B. Progress depended on 1. Fondong more white allies or 2. Shifting policy-making arenas C. Civil rights movement followed both strategies 1. Broadened base by publicizong grievances 2. Moved legal struggle from Congress to courts III. campaign on courts A. Ambiguities on Fourteenth Amendment 1. Broad onterpretation: Constitution color-blond 2. Narrow onterpretation: equal legal rights 3. Supreme court adopted narrow view on Plessy case B. “Separate but equal” 1. NAACP campaign objectives on education through courts a) Obviously unequal schools b) Not so obviously unequal schools c) Separate schools onherently unequal C. Can separate schools be equal? 1. Step 1: obvious onequalities a) Lloyd Gaones b) Ada Lois Sipuel 2. Step 2: decidong that a separation creates onequality on less

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