The Civil Society Discourse

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Therefore, primarily, we attempt to give a concrete definition of the civil society and its engagement in European migration policy. Then, the second step is to give voice to International Organizations regarding their views on the matter of responsibility of National Governments, EU and Frontex in line with the humanitarian challenges that rise up.
To begin with, As Navi Pillay, High Commissioner for Human Rights in October 2012 explicitly said “Human rights will not improve much without the direct participation of a robust, free and independent civil society….”
According to the Migration Policy Institute, a globally accepted definition for the civil society does not exist but tend to mean the social structure outside the sphere of public administrations and governments. However, in that context of migration, civil society is “a diverse range of nonstate actors who may influence formal and informal migration-related rules, practices, and processes, which may include: migrant-run nongovernmental organizations, professional associations, religious institutions, trade unions, charities, human rights organizations, advocacy groups, and many more” (Banulesc-Bodgan N. 2011).
The engagement of the civil society organizations in the European policy discourse regarding the…

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