The Civil War : A Bloody Battle

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“With one terrible exception, the Civil War, law and the Constitution have kept America whole and free” (“Anthony Lewis”). This quote talks about how the Civil War kept America free. The Civil War was a very bloody battle that occurred about the right over slavery. The war began in 1861 and lasted for 4 years. The two armies were the Union and the Confederate. The Union won the war and it finally ended in 1865. The Civil War was one of the deadliest battles that changed the landscape of the US due to the different ideas of the North and the South, the battles were extremely deadly, and the many events that took place after the war ended. The Civil War started with the different ideas the North and South had. One of the different ideas they had was about the economy. The North had a better economy than the South. The North had more industries and it kept on getting more and more industrialized. The South on the other hand remained to have a predominantly agrarian economy. This caused to lead to disagreements on taxes, tariffs, and internal improvements. Another reason why the North and the South had different ideas was slavery. The North did not want to have slavery but the South did want it. In the North, immigrants from Ireland and Germany arrived to be hired at low wages, and thus there was no need to institute slavery. The South wanted to have slaves to tend to the large plantations and other duties. The slaves were African Americans and over 4 million toiled as slave
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