The Civil War : A War Against Union

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The Civil War, which began as a war against union, quickly turned into a war about slavery, largely due to the actions of the slaves and the part they played in the war. Although slaves were commonly viewed as unintelligent and lacking bravery, their actions during the Civil War told a different story. It was because of these actions that the tone of the Civil War and of the country itself changed, and these actions helped to create a country where they could exist as free men. Unfortunately, their newly established rights were short-lived after the war, also due in part to their own actions. During the Civil War, slaves became more bold and determined to escape the bonds of slavery, and sought refuge behind the union lines. Although the union camps did not accept them as equals, they relabeled them as “contraband of war” and refused to return them to the confederate slave owners. When word of protection by the union armies spread, slaves became more determined to escape, and risked everything in an effort to cross union lines where they were, in essence, free men. Although they were not truly free, as the Northern soldiers often considered them a burden in and around camp, they continued to arrive in great numbers at the union camps. They created their own makeshift camps outside the union camps, which were often disease ridden due to the substandard living conditions. This was not made any easier with the union soldiers’ refusal to feed, clothe, or shelter the slaves and

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