The Civil War And American History

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In American History many significant events took place that reflected religious faith of multiple Americans and has shaped the world we live in today. Throughout the 1800s, the most memorable times in America took place throughout the Civil War. Events that escalated before, during and even following the Civil War resulted in a chain of reactions from many people within that period. After analyzing the events of the Civil War, I was able to draw a connection to the actions of the soldiers, women and Black Americans and how they were consistent with Christian faith. Prior to emphasizing how Americans were consistent with Christian faith, first it is vital to know a little background information on that particular period. The Civil War was seen as a traumatic period. According to the text, the Civil War was the bloodiest in American History that ended with 618,000 killed. There are various arguments between the true causes of the war. Despite the arguments that claim slavery was not the cause, slavery did however play a major factor in each argument presented. Therefore, Slavery can be considered the major cause of war, and an issue that grew over the years. According to Degler, “slavery was clearly important as a moral issue, but also as an economic institution that divided two different, and in many ways antagonistic, societies” (Degler, 2011). The division of two societies, North and South, is what lead the war itself. The Civil War consisted of battles between the
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