The Civil War And American History

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Before we discuss the Civil War, we need to discuss how and what lead to this major turning point in American History. Both sides, the Union and the Confederate had its reasons to attack each other. Whether it be the lack of contribution towards the government by the South, or the constant disturbance to free slaves from the North, tempers flared years before the first shots were ever fired. The disagreements between the North and the South were too much for the South to endure, they felt forced to secede to start their own nation where all Southern states can have equal rights and saying towards the government. To discuss how this started, we will need to look at how the conflict started. Each side, the North and the South had several reasons on why they wanted to fight. One of the biggest topics not only in the Civil War but in American history is about slavery. Slavery was definitely one of the biggest reasons for the Civil War and also caused many small conflicts between the North and South. The first slaves were brought into British colonies the Americas in 1619 and ever since, people across the country have been owning slaves. As time went on, the amount of slaves in North America increased. Even the founding fathers owned slaves. Since the beginning of the United States of America, there were a group of people who opposed slaves and planned to do something about it. Because of this, in 1780 the underground railroad was formed. The underground railroad transfers
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