The Civil War And American Revolution

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Most people know it as the Civil War, but it ought to be best known as The Confederate States of America, home to the 13 colonies from the Civil War and American Revolution. The Confederate States of America originally started out with 11 states in 1860 and on July 15, 1870 Georgia was the last Confederate state; when they were operating under the Articles of Confederation, providing guns to militias. The founder found out the Constitution was too weak and decided to adopt the US Constitution to have more power and adopt an army. Their army needed guns and when they provided guns, this meant war. On December 15, 1971, a little after the Civil War the Second Amendment was born. The Second Amendment ties in with Confederacy because the…show more content…
Later on, Arkansas, North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee then seceded and joined the Confederacy. Georgia was the last to join the confederacy on July 15, 1870, over five years after the war ended. Almost every Southerner in the 13 states has a rebel flag to represent their freedom. With the rebel flag clutched in his hands, dressed in Confederate gray, a black man named Anthony Hervey, had devotion for this flag when he found that his Great-Great uncle fought in the Confederacy during the time of the Civil War. With further research, Hervey found at least 100,000 blacks fought with the Confederates. Hervey chose the site to place the flag where it once stood representing the South; he said. "The battle flag stands for freedom and states ' rights.” Born in Virginia, Robert E. Lee chose to fight with the south. He is known as one of the greatest generals in all history because of his devotion to duty and honorable character. It is known as a flag for racism, but it is not meant to be racist at all. This flag was originally created to be a battle flag for the southern states; it is the Confederate or Rebel flag. Most people say that if somebody owns a flag like this, he/she is racist, but that is not true. It is a battle flag to represent freedom and proudly flown by Southerners because it is their heritage. People believe it symbolizes racism because the Confederates had slaves, but most of them did not have slaves and the ones who did owned a lot.
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