The Civil War And Emancipation

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The Civil War, at first, was about slavery; however, the meaning of the war began to change, and it began to be associated with healing. There were actually two main visions of the Civil War, and Blight calls these “twin goals” and “competing interests.” One was to deal with the negative impacts, which brought about a sense of healing. The second was regarding the emancipation of slaves. One vision was about healing, while the other was about justice, and Blight notes this in the prologue and states, “Americans faced an overwhelming task after the Civil War and emancipation: how to understand the tangled relationship between two profound ideas–healing and justice” (Blight, Prologue, page 3). In addition, in part two of Blight’s video explaining the American vision of the Civil War, he states that the healing aspect involved the return of the seceded states. According to Blight’s explanation in his video, the nation was in need of healing; the states needed to return in order to for the nation to become one and united. In addition, in that same video (part two), he explains that the justice aspect involved people seeking justice after the war; everyone including Confederates, Unionists, and slaves all wanted justice, and each person’s idea of justice differed because visions of the war differed depending on the person, but the main problems with justice were regarding blacks.
Blight argues that sectional healing won over racial justice. Blight notes in part two of his video…
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