The Civil War And The Antebellum Years From 1845-1861

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Many events in the United States helped form the country today. One of the more prominent events was the Civil War and the antebellum years from 1845-1861. Due to expansion in the West, discussions began about how the state was going to join the Union and later the issue of slavery was introduced. Many Northern states sought to halt the spread of slavery into the new territories while Southern states wanted to expand slavery. These disputes lead to bloodshed as the South began to feel that their way of life and source of income was being threatened. The build up from these events during the antebellum years, lead to the secession of states from the Union, and instigated the United States into the furor of the Civil War. The ideas of Manifest Destiny increased movement in the West rapidly. This idea of westward expansion was supported on the belief that Americans were intended to expand the continent. However, this expansion leads to disputes with other countries and nations. The Mexican-American War commenced because American farmers began to settle in the Mexican territory in the north. Mexico was defeated and the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, causing the Mexicans to give up most of their northern territory to the United States. Obtaining this new territory help achieve a few of the goals of Manifest Destiny, but the issues arose about what to do with all of this new land. A popular topic was the issue of slavery. One of the proposed was the Wilmot Proviso, which
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