The Civil War And The Slavery

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The Civil War contributed to the enslaved period being terminated. The union allowed slaves to fight for them and this imposed on the slave masters throughout the south. During this period the slaves were very rebellious and violent towards their masters. They beat them, tortured them, and some even killed some of the slave masters. They all truly deserved it after the treatment that had been rendered towards the African Americans when they first arrived from the West Indies to the United States. So, fighting was in the Civil War became an honor for some and a way out for other slaves as they fought for equality and justice for all.

Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1861 during this Civil War period and he was anti-slave minded. The African American slaves received a chance to fight and obtain their freedom at the conclusion of the war. This was an option offered by the union army to the African American slaves and the vast majority joined the union and fought, many died, but others were treated with respect and received what almost expected at the conclusion of the Civil War (Holt & Brown, 2000).

The soldiers in the war had a chance to visit other plantations where some of their family and friends were located. They sung to express their oppression and true feelings of this enslaved environment and the struggles that came with it. The songs used animal characters to supplement the slaves and their masters and were very popular and powerful. This was also a part of
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