The Civil War And The War

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The Civil war was an internal war between different groups that belonged to the same country. Normally the war is caused by different people believing in their cause and convinced that the other group is unreasonable on matters of national policy. The Civil war in America broke out in 1861 and lasted for four years and then ended in 1865. This was the greatest war after the Napoleonic wars in 1815 before the beginning of the First World War that lasted between 1914-1918. The war was addressing two issues on whether the American states will remain as a union or whether the countries could secede and form independent states. Secondly the war also wanted to address whether the democracy created gave equal rights to all men, an issue…show more content…
Therefore, in light of these facts, the southern economy relied upon slaves to provide labor that sustained these large farms. The conflict between the north and south rose due to the fact that the north thought it was wise to give equal rights to all men whereas the southern was against that since they needed labor for their farms. This led to a formation to a formation of a confederate union that purpose to fight for their South. The confederate Union in the south was against the abolition of slavery. Seven states were the first to secede and join confederate union.(Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama and Florida). This was immediately three months after Abraham Lincoln entered the office on the newly formed Republican Party. The war broke out when the confederate armies claimed Fort Sumter that was held by federals in Charleston in South Carolina. The fort was later surrendered to them by Major Robert Anderson, after two days, by the commander then of the Fort. Immediately after the confederate took charge of Fort Sumter four more states seceded from the union. The confederate army forced the flag of America to be lowered as a sign of surrender to them. These states are namely North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee and Virginia. These states joined the confederate. Coming to the close of 1861, it was certain that this was not going to be a short-term conflict and that the war will last
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