The Civil War: Bloodiest War in American History Essay

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At what one might call the climax of the bloodiest war in American history, there were two men who had a bond that was much stronger than this all-consuming war. These men had enough faith in each other and in themselves to help them through the war. Both men were fighting for what they solely believed in and even with their different opinions, they still had each other’s back when they didn’t have each other. The friendship of Lewis Armistead and Winfield Hancock shows that even one of the strongest forces, war, is still weaker than the friendship these men two held for a majority of their lives. Holding a friendship through a major disagreement is difficult, but these men were able to maintain their strong-willed friendship through more…show more content…
The friends never saw each other again, until their armies met at the battle of Gettysburg during Pickett’s Charge (Brothers War). The Battle of Gettysburg had been raging on for 2 long days. The men on both sides were tired and ready to surrender. The Union had the advantage of all the high elevated places with the fish hook position, making it near impossible to attack the Union from downhill. Lee was frustrated and was eager to win the war, so he called for Pickett’s Charge for one last blow on the center of the Union lines (Pickett’s Charge, Civil War). There were approximately 10,000 deaths in Pickett’s Charge alone, and one of those deaths was Lewis Armistead. Armistead was leading the Confederate soldiers toward Cemetery Ridge when Armistead was shot in the leg. As he lay on the ground, he asked for Hancock. Armistead was told that Hancock had also been hit, and he replied with, “No, not both of us.” (Shaara 329). That day Armistead died on the battlefield where many others were slain (Shaara 329). The relationship between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America was falling apart, unlike the strong friendship of Armistead and Hancock. Approximately 650,000 soldiers lost their lives in the Civil War (Dennis Gaffney, History). This means that all the men who died were killed by their former countrymen. Just as it would be hard for
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