The Civil War

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There has always been quite a bit of tension between northern and southern territories while creating our nation. Though we all had one common goal - expanding westward - northerners and southerners had many different ideals on how to achieve that goal. Many historians believe that the Civil War could have been avoided, I for one believe the Civil War was quite inevitable. Obviously, the different ideas are going to cause some tension between the two ‘colonies’. Looking at all the events that did lead to the Civil War I have come to the conclusion that there were three broad causes which lead to the Civil War. The three major causes of the Civil War are the challenges over: political disputes, slavery, and tariffs. The Election of 1860 was a major political event. The four presidents running were Abraham Lincoln, J.C. Breckenridge, Stephen A. Douglas, and John Bell. Since Abraham Lincoln was the only Republican amongst the four running for office, he was basically promised to win the election because he would be getting all the republican votes while the democrats’ votes would be shared between the three democratic officers. Analysing the map of the Election of 1860, the northern states were very republican and the southern states were mostly democratic (Document 11). Lincoln was very anti-slavery, which made the southerners upset when he became president. Along with the Election of 1860, the Kansas-Nebraska Act was one of the biggest political dispute between the north

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