The Civil War Essay

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When I glance over the world history book, I find it's a very interesting thing that the U.S has experienced twice Bourgeois Revolution while Britain only has had once. It's known to all that in the U.S the first bourgeois revolution is the War of Independence though which America has won the national independence. And the second is the Civil War. It is the latter that has really cleared the path for the rapid growth of capitalism and has made America a most powerful country in the world. It can be seen from this that the Civil War is an important chapter in the American history book. It's necessary to recall the past. Prewar: The Civil War broke out in 1861 and ended in 1865. During this four years the war cost America 618,000…show more content…
As we all know that after the War of Independence economy developed very quickly in the N-states. The capitalism grew up in a quite good environment. On the contrary, farming or plantation still remained its important place in the S-states. And even they kept the slavery valid while the N-states had all outlawed slavery by 1830. In 1860 industry in the N-states ranked fourth in the world. Output value had reached 1,880,000,000 dollar. At the same time the S-states owned 4,000,000 slaves. Compared with the N-states, the S-states developed more slowly. This unbalance between two regions led contradictions. The four principal contradictions are shown as following: Resource: The N-states wanted to protect resource The S-states sold resource to other countries (mainly Britain). Market: The N-states needed to sell more products to develop capitalism. The S-states bought products from Britain. Tax: The N-states wanted to higher tariff rate to protect industry The S-states wanted to lower tariff rate. Labor Force: The N-states needed more labor forces. The S-states kept a great number of labor forces (black slaves) And now with the development of the Westward Movement a new problem was arisen that it was necessary to keep slavery in these newly established states valid or not. Obviously all of these had been the obstacles to the rapid development of capitalism. Later slavery became

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