The Civil War

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The American Civil War lasted from 1861-1865, and is known as one of the most crucial events in the history of American. In those four years, more than half a million soldiers from both the Confederate and Union side were either wounded or died trying to fight for what they believed in. A nation was divided and mass social and economical changes occurred throughout the entire region. This fight over slavery and State rights would pit man against man and create a greater debt within the United States than anyone could have possibly imagined. However, whether it was directly or indirectly, it led to true unification, abolished slavery and gave women a voice that had previously not been heard.
All Men Are Created Equal
In 1860, the
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Both amateur armies fought a fierce battle along the waters of Bull Run, ending in a Union defeat. The win at Bull Run instilled a new confidence, and optimism that the war would be short and the Confederate would gain the independence that they had hoped for. However, the mood of the North was much different. The price of restoration was beginning to look more complex than they had originally thought. 7 Abraham Wolf was one of the many Northerners who rushed to defend to Union after the defeat of Bull Run. This is the first letter he sent home: “Dear Father, I now take my pencil to inform you a few lines about how I am getting along in camp. I am getting along well. We arrived here yesterday at 4 o’clock and then we look for a place to sleep all night.
Then we found a board shanty and there we stopped and got our dinners. We had bread and baloney sausage and it was very good and then we walked around in camp till night and then we got our blankets and went to bed. We had boards 2 ½ feet from the ground and these we laid on and slept very comfortable and father I let you know I never had as much pleasure a riding on the cars from Sunbury to Harrisburg and further I let you know that there aint very many soldiers in camp just now but they are coming very fast again. And further, I let you know that we were sworn in the camp today
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