The Civil War In Syria Is Not Like Typical Internal Conflicts

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The Civil war in Syria is not like typical internal conflicts due to the sheer number of different groups fighting in the same small territory. Primarily, this is a fight for power in the nation of Syria and each group has a special affinity for the land. This has led to a power struggle in the small area, and the people of the nation, whether they are fighting or not, are all suffering in different ways. There are some who have chosen to fight for their cause. They are not the majority, however. Many, half of the country in fact, have been displaced and forced to walk miles, in temperatures estimated more that 120 degrees fahrenheit, from their home country to refugee camps after suffering directly and immensely in their own homes. Not…show more content…
Hearing loss is very common in places where bombs have been used frequently and aggressively, like the Syrian conflict. Although there are groups who have dedicated their time to helping refugees regain physical mobility and restore hope in the world, not many, outside of camps can completely understand and recognize anything but the visible, physical damages which are more easily spotted than the mental and internal damages. These are also broadcast more than internal injuries because their is a picture to put with the injury. A group based in Chicago has made strides toward raising awareness for the issue while working on and treating individuals and their specific challenges with hearing loss. Deaf Planet Soul, the Chicago-based organization, went on a two week crusade to assist Syrians who have become deaf or had any loss of hearing. The charity is not only treating those affected by the war, but that is their main focus. A case which gained global recognition is of Aya, a now fatherless girl. She was able to hear her mother tell her she missed her after she had travelled to Chicago to regain hearing with implants and regain the ability to communicate with her mother and grandmother, her only relatives not massacred by a rocket which struck her house in 2012. She was ecstatic in the encounter she had over video phone with her mother and was even more enthusiastic when her mother, currently in Germany, complimented her new hearing

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