The Civil War Left A Big Impact On The Social And Economic Life

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The civil war left a big impact on the social and economic life in the southern states, the reconstruction period was a time of anger for the south. They lost slavery and supply 's which was a big factor in their economic wealth. They knew that these freed slaves would try to rise up as equals to this poor white class. This is where the biggest American terrorist group in history stated in 1866, with only six ex confederate soldiers. This group call themselves the ku klux klan, their numbers from this point grew in violence in what is known as their first era. Than In the 1870s dramatically declined until it 's Rae into its second era which became their biggest numbers up to five million. Between these two eras there were many changes in not just numbers of members but in their values. This dramatic fall and change in values many see as an effect of the enforcement acts of 1871-1872. This is backed up by many ideas about how the enforcement acts were directed at the klan and trying to stop their violence. The second act made an impact with higher penalties and punishments for interfering with the voting rights, trying to make a bigger impact on the klan. The subject of the ku klux klan took pace in the time where there was a huge fight for equal rights for African Americans. It started in the reconstruction period after the american civil war. The klan helps express the anger the south felt towards the government for not having a plan to save their economy after the war…
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