The Civil War Museum Of New Orleans

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The Civil War museum located in New Orleans is a very interesting museum to visit. On the outside the museum stands out from the surrounding building as it has an older brick style building which almost looks like a church in some aspects.. On the right side of the stairs that lead up inside is a large cannon on display. Upon entering the museum it is made apparent that the building is in good condition, but is also very old. Every step that I took while in the museum sounded as if the floor was about to cave in underneath my feet. I was greeted upon entry to the museum and I paid my entry fee and was given a sheet of paper with some general information on the museum. Once leaving the desk I walked along the wall to my left which was covered in glass cases that contained a multitude of civil war artifacts. The first thing that stood out to me was a small set of hand carved wooden chess pieces. They were kept in great condition, along with the bag that held them, aside from one hole in the bag itself. Above the glass cases were Civil War flags for different regiments with a particular focus on the Louisiana based regiment. Once I looked at the array of flags on left wall I focused my attention back to the glass cases again. The further down the wall I progressed the more personal items I came across. Uniforms and tokens given to soldiers from both the Confederates and the Union soldiers were on display with plaques inside giving biographical information on the
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