The Civil War Of America

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that, the Confederate States of America was born from the fear of a hostile federal government. The problem that Lincoln faced, as the Union dissolved around him, was that nowhere in the Constitution did it discuss whether a state could voluntarily leave the Union. In fact, the 10th Amendment of the Constitution left all power not otherwise designated a federal issue, as belonging to the states. Lincoln’s predecessor, President James Buchanan, who was in office when the first states began to leave made matters worse by vacillating on whether to supply the federal forts in the South and even was uncertain if what seceding states were doing was illegal. His inaction caused a greater mess that Lincoln would inherit as the newly succeeding states had already formed the Confederate States of America. By the time the first shots of the Civil War rang out, the new confederacy would have a total eleven states, almost the entire southern half of the United States. Lincoln was in fact presiding over a split country with no real constitutional powers to act on his own accord and a nation that did not have a stomach for war. The South Draws First Blood Things were very grim for Lincoln indeed during these initial weeks and months after his inauguration. Barring an attack on federal property or an invasion into the North, Lincoln’s hands were tied, as there was neither public support to use force against the South or constitutional

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