The Civil War Of America

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Sebastien K
The Civil War
1 - Secession Soon after the news that Lincoln was elected president reached the South, the region demanded an end to the Union. The first state to secede was South Carolina and many more followed which started the Confederacy.
R - Lincoln being elected caused the South to split away from the Union which inevitably would lead to a civil war. 368

2 - Confederate States of America The Confederate States of America were established because of Lincoln claiming presidency which caused the South to split away and form their own Confederacy. The Confederacy included South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas by 1861. These states that seceded took action immediately and seized the federal property within their boundaries, forts, arsenals, and government offices. At first they did not have sufficient military power to seize Fort Sumter and Fort Pickens, both offshore, So S.C. sent commissioners to Washington to ask that Sumter surrender and Buchanan refused and sent reinforcements to Fort Sumter and upon arrival Confederates began shooting at it.
R - Technically marks the beginning of the Civil War, but neither section was ready to fight so the North began working on a compromise. 368

3 - Crittenden Compromise A proposal by John J. Crittenden which called for many constitutional amendments which would guarantee the permanent existence of slavery in the South which would please the Southerns but it…
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