The Civil War Of Syria

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The civil war in Syria has lasted for 5 years; yet, there is little hope for a prompt end to the turmoil. It has developed into quite a unique civil war from the political perspective. Drawing in new actors who have pursued their own goals within the country and contributed to the current condition of Syria. The basis for this war and the conflicts within it have also had a large effect at the global level. The initial welling for revolution in Syria was caused by a chain of regime changes across the Middle East in 2011 known as the Arab Spring. Beginning in Tunisia, civil protests arose against the long established dictatorship in the country. The protests did not result in war but rather the resignation of the leader. It freed citizens from a government that they believed had ignored their rights and established a new administration which would hopefully correct the mistreatment the citizens had endured. Tunisia’s successful revolution had served as inspiration for the nearby country of Egypt to follow suite. The protests in Egypt lasted for 18 days, during which internet was mostly blocked by the state to quell the rumors of violence and rebellion. The defense against protesters failed and the president was stripped of all power and jailed. News of two successful rebellions against oppressive regimes soon spread across the Arab world. Libya was the next to try its hand at an uprising. The established power would not be so easily removed however and the country descended
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