The Civil War Of The Middle East

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For the last fifteen years our nation has taken up a major interest in the Middle East. We were attacked due to the civil unrest and the rise of militant groups and more notably, the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. After the events in the Iraq, new conflict has since arisen in Syria. The problem I wish to identify is the ongoing civil war between various parties and the displacement of millions of Syrian citizens across the borders to Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan; as well as the internal displacement of the citizens in the nation itself. The main governing problem is the Ba’ath party with Bashar al-Assad at the head which has ongoing support from the nation of Russia. The opposing forces are the Free Syrian Army, Federation of Northern Syria, ISIS, as well as many other small militant tribes. We invaded Iraq under the pretense that they were formulating an arsenal of nuclear armaments. We overthrew Suddam Hussein and replaced him with one of our own representatives for this state. However, (Powell 2015) this only created further chaos and spreads the seeds of catastrophe by creating discontent and an empty shell of a government that was only serving for our own national interests. Even though we had prevented the rise of another potential nuclear power, even though we lacked proper of evidence of such, we created an empty shell of a government, or otherwise known as a stateless society. This allowed for further malevolence to prosper under the ideology of Osama Bin Laden, as
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