The Civil War Of The United States

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The northern and southern states of the union were developed along different lines. The South had a predominately agrarian economy while the north dealt with industry and commerce. As a result of this they had different cultures and political beliefs, which led to many disagreements and conflicts between the states. Many events occurred as a result of this conflict. These events caused the southern states to secede from the Union and ultimately led to the Civil War. The Civil War was the bloodiest battle recorded in American history. It caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries. The cause of this significant war has been a question in limbo for the past 100 years, as there are many theories as to what the main cause might be. After decades of trying to pin point one specific cause, it was concluded that the war that divided the nation of the United States was not a result of a single issue but that of numerous issues, which were tied together. Some events that occurred in America that led southern states to secede from the Union were half oppression in the Union, the compromise of 1850, the rise of the abolition movement, John Brown’s raid and the election of Abraham Lincoln. In some way or another, these events also led to the Civil war.
The initial issue which caused this major conflict between the northern and southern states was the half oppression which existed in the union. After the American Revolution people began to question the declaration of…

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