The Civil War Of The United States

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When it comes to nature the strong survives and the week get kicked out of the circle. When it comes to humans they survive by hard work and pushing through the hard times. The Civil War the united states were devastated and people started looking for ways to start over. Americans weren’t the only ones looking for a new start either. Immigrants from China, Ireland, and Germany flooded to the united states looking for jobs and gave way to Darwinist using this to better their profit. By doing that it took away jobs from thousands of Americans. When the gilded age came to play people took control and in these times they used the poor as a way of making a profit. Weather it’s the economy, religion or society itself Darwinism ruled the minds…show more content…
This was also equated with “fitness” and if you were not “fit” you didn’t fit in, and had no place in society itself. With companies taking control of the economy such as steel mills and oil refineries the concept of “survival of the fittest” quickly become a very popular mindset and way of living for some. The Darwinist believed that the lower class should get no help and would argue that the government should stay out of economic affairs all together. This idea set the line between higher and lower classes and many would argue against this idea. (Roberts) New York Times wrote several articles on this matter from both sides. One article over Prof. Romans would argue on the religious side of this topic about how the idea of Darwinism has no correlation with evolution once so ever. (Prof.Roman) The Gilded Age was times of hardship for the lower class but allowed businessmen to become glorified rulers of the economy such as Rockefeller and Carnegie who were making millions to tens of millions of dollars a year were the average businessman was only making $500 a year. In this day and age men lived by this and it eventually became the way of life for millions and is how the king of the economy came to rule in the Gilded Age. (L, P and Patricia) With all the rebuilding going on after the Civil War and the economy and businesses being so affected it was hard for anyone to get jobs and people were thrown into a major depression. At the same time
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