The Civil War Of The United States Essay

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As a result of the U.S. Civil War, many newly freed slaves were in search of a better life as free men. With help from Congress in March of 1865, an organization known as the Freedmen’s Bureau was created with the intentions of helping the freedmen and their families. The organization was the first of its type to be established federally for the main purpose of social welfare. With leadership from many military Generals, the Bureau was able to provide the freedmen with necessities such as clothing, land, food, hospitals, housing and most importantly schools. Education had been a major demand since the first days the slaves were freed. Freedmen were given educational opportunities through what would be known as the Freedmen’s Bureau Schools. Eventually over time, the number of blacks attending schools had grown to be thousands. The Freedmen’s Bureau Schools would have had longevity and more educational opportunities for freed slaves after the Civil War if not for Congress interruption. Northern abolitionists had taken notice to the serious detrimental positions former slaves were put in as a result of and during the Civil War. As a result, assistance from all around the country came in to help them. The pressure from these types of groups caused President Lincoln to step in and give the military power to aid their needs as well. Lincoln realized he needed a larger more federal plan in place to help assist the freedmen. This is where he allowed leadership from Major General
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