The Civil War Of The United States

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“Blundering Generation” Division among a population for opposing goals wasn 't a new concept brought to light by the Civil War. Almost one hundred years prior to the Civil War, inhabitants of the thirteen colonies fought against each other towards their differing support for their wages of unity. Patriots fought Loyalists for coalition of the colonies, and likewise Northerners now fought Southerners for the preservation of the Union. The imminent breakup of the Union, likewise to the dissolution of British hold, wasn’t only dependent upon the errors of fumbled leaders. Other factors of equal or even greater importance to the collapse of the Union were economic structure, social makeup, and ongoing movements attempting to alter the overall way America was constructed.
The challenging differences in economic structure between the North and South caused its own fret towards sustaining the Union. Southern states greatly relied upon agriculture; their economy thriving and surviving based on what could be reaped off of the land. This was quite different in the way agriculture was upheld in the North. True, the Northern economy was still largely farming, but it was the way its reliance was mostly for food as their time spent on it was greatly reduced by the mechanized North. They had the resources of industrialization to depend on for output and the ports with foreign connection for outside support to their economies. The South’s economy relied on its agriculture heavily.…

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