The Civil War On The Losing End

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The Civil War ends in 1865 with the Confederacy on the losing end. Several questions need to be answered; what were the causes of the Confederate defeat, Union claimed victory after four long years of war, why had it taken so long, could the South have won the war, and if the Rebels had won would a reunion have been possible?
There were a number of reason for the defeat of the South. The Union had a great advantage in population; with 22 million people in the North compared with 9 million in the South. In the 1860s the Union had a far greater industrial capacity. Even with the Southern economy being agriculture based the North held the advantage there as well. The Union had a better equipped military, to include navy which was able to blockade the South from receiving European trade goods. Several slave states did not join the Confederacy and remained loyal to the Union. The Union allowed slave and freemen to join the military, eventually even in combat ranks.
Many think that the sheer size difference between the Union and the South played a major part in the war, “they never whipped us, Sir, unless they were four to one. If we had had anything like a fair chance, or less disparity of numbers, we should have won our cause and established our independence” (McPherson 855). “The North had a potential manpower superiority of more than three to one and Union armed forces had an actual superiority of two to one during most of the war” (McPherson 855). “In economic…

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