The Civil War, State Rights And Slavery

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When thinking about the factors that caused the Civil War, state rights and slavery were a couple. Many people know about those factors and the major roles they played during that time, but not many people consider music having a role during the American Civil War. The music created during that time affected the people, because soldiers sang, the songs created related to a specific time, and slaves even created their own type of music. The music created was not always the same for both the Union and Confederates but there were few components that both sides had. There were plenty of people who raised their voices and sang along to songs when the Civil War was occurring. Soldiers, however, were the most favored singers to the people they were surrounding. The main reason was that it rose up the people 's spirits and gave them more optimistic views about the war, especially since it created that "sense of national identity" that brought people together; to the Confederates this was crucial since they were a developing nation. The soldiers from both the North and South also sang for their own benefit. Music helped ease their boredom and it served as a way to pass the time, since it "entertained and comforted." The songs that were sung by soldiers were a way for them to think back to any memories from back home, like family or childhood memories. Another thing music did was strengthen "the bonds between comrades and helped forge new ones." Comrades, or soldiers, could connect
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