The Civil War : The And Soul Of The United States Of America

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Abstract Power to the people. This was the heart and soul of the United States of America. This country was run by the decisions of the individual states’ opinions. Then, the Civil War happened. This war was one of the most pivotal points in American history. The government tried to make a decision on its own without the consent of the country as a whole. This led to the destruction of the rights of the people. The destruction of the rights of the people gave the majority of the power to the federal government, who have abused it, repeatedly, ever since. America has gone through very dark time as a result of the Civil War. These are the three most important points to learn from the Civil War: it was caused by the breaking of state’s…show more content…
in Paul 247). This statement best describes how the American government has evolved, but it does not quite explain what caused this change. It all began with the Civil War. State’s rights ultimately caused the Civil War. The results of the Civil War caused a major change in the functions of America, and it was ultimately for the worse. Even though the Civil War happened hundreds of years ago, it is still a huge piece in the great puzzle of modern-day America. Where this piece best fits must be discovered, and the Word of God is the perfect place to start. God is the ultimate leader of government and politics. David says in his Psalm that “kingship belongs to the Lord, and he rules over the nations” (English Standard Version, Psalm 22.28). Whether things are good, bad, or just seem totally random, God is in complete control of this world, and that includes all of the different governments of all of the different countries. God is the ultimate founder of the American government. He put the knowledge to lead the country into the minds of the founding fathers. God created the founders of America. He gave them knowledge to begin the greatest country to ever exist. The founders put control of the country into the hands of the people of America, but that control was taken and given to false leaders and politics. Although the government
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