The Civil War: The Battle Of Fort Sumter

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The Civil War started because of the disagreement, of free and not free. They both wanted the right to use the national government to their advantage, and make the territory that where not states free or in favor of slavery. When Abraham Lincoln won election in 1860 he promised that he would keep the slavery out of the territories. This did not go over very well for some areas that are very southern, and farm oriented. These territories in the Deep South proceeded to succeed from the others and form the confederate states of America. This resulted in the upper or northern states getting angry because they did not want slavery. The north did not accept the fact that the southern territories tried to succeed, and refused to acknowledge the legitimacy. This made them fear the fact that the United States were not so united anymore, and they very well could fracture into many smaller countries, not one large united country. This may have made lots of people fear starting a war, but they did not have a choice. Each side believed in what they were fighting for.
When the southerners succeeded President Abraham Lincoln called upon 75,000 troops to put the rebellion to sleep. When some stated like
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The first battle of the civil war was the battle of Fort Sumter. The Battle of Fort Sumter was the very first battle of the civil war, and the confederate artillery bombarded Major Robert Anderson’s small union garrison in the unfinished fort in the harbor in Charleston South Carolina. The second was the Battle of Philippi, fought June 3, 1861, in what is now West Virginia was the next major battle. Philippi, a town of less than 500, which had very little military significance. The actual goal was Grafton, about 25 miles north. There, the Parkersburg-Grafton Railroad met the Baltimore & Ohio, the only continuous east-west connector between the East Coast and the Ohio River and the states of the Old
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