The Civil War, The Nez Perce Story, By Elliot West

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Examining the latter half of the 1800s with the assistance from the works of Elliot West, Joy Kasson, and Frederick Jackson Turner, the United States transformed into a settled and dominant nation which signaled the end of the frontier in 1890. From land disputes to reenactments of infamous battles for nostalgia purposes, the West had become a more modern civilization that emanated power. Although these three works provide a precise timeline from the Indian wars all the way to the closing of the frontier, they do not argue the same thing. The unique interpretations of the history of the American West is perceived by the authors in what they believed to be the beginning of the West as it is known today.
In The Last Indian War, The Nez Perce Story, written by Elliot West, argues after the Civil War in 1877, there was a fight over the “new” country between the Indians and Americans, despite the treat that had been set in place granting the Indians that land. The abused Indians would make a stance at the last Indian War, which created an outcome that reshaped the nation. With the ideals of Greater Reconstruction, America proved its dominance over outside forces that threatened, and surprisingly enough the unification of the nation was underway in order to become one human community. Starting from the beginning it is clear to see that the U.S. felt threatened and entitled all at once, since the Indians had created stable villages serving as a political and economical unit for

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