The Civil War : The United States

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The fairly young United States was a family of emancipated children who now had to fend for themselves, and with any group of young people, arguments are bound to arise. To continue with this metaphor the Civil War can be compared to siblings resulting to violence to get rid of the tension that had been increasing since is conception. The main issues that led to this war were that the north and the south had different views on slavery. Furthermore the south felt that the north would impose its lifestyle on them sooner or later. The result was the bloodiest war to occur in American history with more than six hundred thousand casualties. Since then there has not been a war with the same amount of casualties; the closest being World War II with more than four hundred thousand American deaths. A Civil War seems silly today, but once one analyzes the reasons for such a fight one can understand that the lives lost were not solely lost, but sacrificed to keep the United States afloat. In short, this war was inevitable. With the United States only being an official country for less than a century the differences from the Revolution were still present. Examples of such differences were the difference regional economies, states’ rights, slavery being illegal/legal and the presence of abolitionists. That being said, the differences that had been around during the revolution were all regional because of the different economies that each region supported at the time. Which also meant…

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