The Civil War : The United States

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The Civil War divided the United States with its’ origin in the struggle to preserve the Union from the Confederacy’s succession. A war to maintain the United States quickly progressed to battles fought because of the controversial beliefs on slavery in the North and South. In the coming of the Civil War there were questions and confusion that many Americans were faced with in the words of the South’s succession. During the war, families were torn due to the men lost to the Union or Confederate causes. At the resolution of the Civil War, Southern states were forced to reshape their economies that were once dependent on slave labor. What are referred to as two communities in the Civil War, on the boarder between opposing forces, the people of Augusta County led similar lives to the people of Franklin County with one key distinguishing difference, the occupancy of slavery. Prior to the Civil War, Augusta County could be described as an industrial community that was also prosperous in business and agriculture with one and every five persons a slave. The Civil War turned the county into a community of reconstruction and of economic rebuilding because of the loss of slavery and the destruction of the land from the Confederate army residing there and raids by Union forces. Before the Civil War, Augusta County’s economy relied heavily on slave labor and the selling of slaves to states further south. When men returned home after the war, they were left with the economic burden of

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