The Civil War Was A Monumental Moment For The United States

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The civil war was a monumental moment for the United States. Whether the citizens at the time realized this or not, this event would change America forever. Firstly, and most obviously, we have come from a country that was free for white, male, christian, Americans, to a country that is equal for all people. The civil war started this movement of reinforcing the basis of the constitution that everyone is created equal. To the extent that we as a country were able to do after the country was in shambles because of the war is quite remarkable. How we were able to create the 14th amendment arguably the most important one in our constitution today, and is being tried as of right now with homosexual marriage rights. We were willing to help people get out of the destruction of the war. With acts that helped educate, feed, and shelter the poor. However not all was good. The south, unwilling to accept the changes so rapidly, took the first chance they got of taking away the liberties and rights of the African Americans, as you later see. As Frederick Douglass had put it “Civil war was not a mere strife for territory and dominion, but a contest of civilization against barbarism”. The effects of the civil war are still visible to this day. If you are going to a free public education, you have the civil war to thank. You may not like going to school, but it is undeniable that it has changed this country for the better. Now how did the civil war get us free and public education you
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