The Civil War and American Art Exhibit at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art: A Review

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There were a number of different people who were present on this occasion. I believe there were so many people there because this is one of the better known art galleries throughout New York. Additionally, the fact that today was part of the weekend probably contributed to the massive crowds of people present. Not everyone was there to attend the Civil War and American Art exhibit, however; there were several other exhibits taking place in different locations throughout the museum that day.
The exhibit contained upwards of 20 photographs and at least 60 paintings. One of the most agreeable things about the works of art that I witnessed is that collectively, they assisted in recounting the sentiment that gripped the country during the war that threatened to sunder it. One could almost feel the initial enthusiasm as the war broke out, that was swiftly prolonged by numerous clashes over a period of years. There were works that alluded to an impending war, ones that depicted that war, and numerous ones that hinted at a hoped for ending in which the mightiness of the country would someday be restored.
One of the pieces that I found to be the most moving was Frederic Edwin Church's "Our Banner in the Sky", which was painted during the war's outset in 1861. This is one of the pieces in which the enthusiasm for the war was quite clearly seen. In this work, the…
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